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climbing tree

Learn How Professional Tree Trimmers Can Trim Your Tree Limbs So They Don’t Fall On Power Lines This Winter

Before the cold weather hits, you need to be sure that you properly prepare your trees for the ice and snow. Many people do not take the time to have the limbs of their trees trimmed until winter has already hit and the limbs are drooping onto their power lines. This can cause the limbs to break and take down the lines with them, leaving you with no power. The following guide walks you through the process professional tree trimmers use when trimming trees for before winter hits. 

Climb the Trees

The tree trimmers set up a strong line to connect a harness to so that they can safely climb up and down the trees without risk of falling. There are also shoes that have spikes on the inner sides of the soles of the shoes so that they can grip the tree and stand still as they trim the limbs.

Prepare to Trim the Limbs

After the trimmers reach a limb that needs to be trimmed, they will tie a rope to the limb so that when it is trimmed they can slowly lower the limbs down to the ground so that they do not risk a limb falling on someone or damaging property.  

Lop the Limbs

Once the limb has been tied off, the trimmer will cut the limb. The trimmer will cut a small slice into the bottom of the limb and then cut the limb from the top to totally remove it from the tree. By cutting the bottom of the limb first, the gravitational pull will help to pull the limb downward so the limb can be controlled with ease. He or she will leave roughly a foot or two of the limb attached to the tree. After cutting off the limb, they will lower it to the ground using the rope.

Trim the Limbs

Once the limb hits the ground, the trimmer will cut off the rest of the tree limb so that it is not noticeable that it has been cut once the trimming is done.  The small portion of the limb will be easy to control so the trimmer can ensure the finish is as smooth as possible when everything is said and done.

Many tree trimming companies will take the limbs with them when they leave your property if you request it. If you want to keep the limbs to use in the fire when the cold winter weather hits, they can leave the limbs for you, as well. Contact a local outlet, such as J&T Tree Co., for further assistance.