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Top Water Well Drilling Questions From New Customers

Many homeowners make the choice to take charge of their own household water supply by having a well installed on their property. If you are making a transition from relying on a locally supplied water system, you may be excited to see your first water well put into place. However, along with water well drilling will likely come some serious questions about the process of installation and the costs involved. Here are a few of the more prevailing questions soon to be first-time well owners have about water well drilling. 

How much does it cost to have a water well installed?

In general, you should expect the drilling of your water well to cost you somewhere around $12 per foot. However, water wells may have to be drilled to varying depths, according to the availability of water in the ground in your area. Some landowners will find water at only a few hundred feet while you may have to delve deeper to tap into an adequate ground water supply where you live. Additionally, the geographic makeup of your underlying land may have an effect on the end price. For example, if you have an abundance of natural granite or slate that must be drilled through, you may have to pay a bit more per foot. 

Will the contractor also install the new well pump?

In most cases, yes. If you hire a specific contractor to do all of the work to get your water well up and running, everything down to the well pump and water lines will be installed. However, some water well-drilling contractors focus solely on drilling the well and work with other professionals to finish the end details of well installation. 

How will the contractor know the water supply is safe?

Great measures will be taken to find the location of the most pure water supply beneath the ground. The well drilling professional will work with local water analysts and test various points for water purity before making a decision about well placement. 

When it comes down to it, owning your own water well can be incredibly rewarding as a homeowner. This gives you the freedom to be in charge of making sure you have clean, fresh water that does not cost you anything other than what you spend to maintain your well. If you have additional questions, make sure you talk to a water well drilling contractor such as Schneider Water Services for more information.