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Learn What Steps Nuclear Power Plants Take To Operate Safely

Many people are fearful about living near a nuclear power plant because they do not know a lot of information about them. Nuclear power plants are highly regulated and have many protocols in place to keep the community as safe as possible. The following guide walks you through a few things you may not know about a nuclear power plant.

Radiation Exposure Is Monitored

When someone works directly in with the nuclear reactor, a monitor is worn by the individual. The monitor determines how much radiation they are being exposed to and also tracks the total amount of radiation a person has been exposed to over a certain period of time. There are regulations in place that dictate exactly how much radiation a person can be exposed to within that certain period of time. If the limit has been reached, that person cannot go back into the area where the reactor is located for a designated period of time.

Nuclear Radiation Suits Are Worn

Whenever someone goes into the area where the nuclear reactor is housed, radiation suits, a mask, and boots are worn. This is to protect the person from any danger that might be in the area. The room is protected with very thick walls to ensure that radiation does not escape the area and the suits ensure that the person is only exposed to the smallest amount of radiation possible.

Detectors Ensure Nothing Leaves the Plant

Before anyone can leave the containment area where the nuclear reactor is housed, they must pass through a detector. The detector determines if there is any form of radiation on the person before they leave the area. If there is, the person must have a specific type of shower that removes any particles from them and makes sure that they are safe to leave the containment area.

Emergency Evacuation Areas Are in Place

If anything were to happen at the plant, there are sirens set up throughout the community. The sirens will sound and everyone will evacuate to the designated evacuation areas. The areas are situated to be far enough away from the plant that the community would be safe from any danger if they are in these areas.

Nuclear energy has proven to be very effective and safe. There is no reason to fear nuclear power plants because of all of the regulations, inspections, and safety precautions that are in place to make them operate safely. 

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