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Using Solar-powered Lights Around the Holidays to Cut Energy Costs

If you love getting your house decorated for the holidays but hate the abnormally high electric bill that comes in January, then solar powered Christmas lights are for you. While many people immediately think of big, bulky, ugly solar panels when they think of solar energy, the reality is that this cutting-edge technology can be found in a package small enough to light your trees, bushes, and the rest of your house around Christmas time. 

Easy to Set Up

Solar energy often gets a bad rap for being difficult to implement into the grand scheme of your home’s electric system. However, this assumption does not hold true for solar powered Christmas lights, which are even easier to set up than traditional lights. To set up a string of lights, simply set them up as you normally would with a set of plug-in lights, and then aim the solar panel towards the south if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, preferably in a wide open space where the panel is bound to get lots of sunlight. This means no extension cords and ugly wires running to and fro in your front yard, which is a welcome prospect to say the least. 

Free to Power

Perhaps the most attractive part of powering your Christmas light show with solar energy is that it is 100% free after the cost of purchasing the physical lights. This could mean a savings of up to $40 or more over the course of a winter if your light show is on the more enthusiastic side. That means that your lights could very well pay for themselves if you shop smart at the hardware store. 

Surprisingly Affordable

As noted above, the price of powering solar Christmas lights is essentially zero, but what keeps many homeowners from making the switch to solar is the assumed high cost of purchasing the lights themselves. However, with recent advances in solar energy, the price of a string of solar-powered Christmas lights is nearly identical to that of plug-in lights. That means that you could even save a bit on the cost of the lights and the cost of operation is absolutely nothing. Solar powered Christmas lights might just be the best investment you make all season. 

The only thing holding the overwhelming majority of homeowners back from making the switch to solar powered Christmas lights is the wide array of misconceptions surrounding this eco-friendly decoration choice. If you’re looking to help the planet, your wallet, and everybody who drives by who needs some Christmas cheer, then solar powered Christmas lights are perfect for your house. 

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