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Understanding The Distinction Between Office Junk And Office Recyclables

Before giving all of your office junk to a junk removal service, you should evaluate what it is you’re throwing away. There’s a difference between junk and recyclables.

While some responsible junk removal services do their best to recycle things, it’s not always easy. The problem is that some things aren’t easily recycled, and it’s not always the junk remover’s job to sift through it all to find the single stream recyclable stuff. It’s sometimes up to you to figure out what can go to a recycle center and what goes to the junk removal service.

What to Give to the Recyclers

There are many things in your office that belong in recycle bins and not the trash. The easiest things for you to put together are,

Paper and cardboard – All the office paper, books, boxes, magazines and other paper garbage should go together. Of course, any sensitive documents should go through a cross shredder before you add them to the paper and cardboard stacks and piles.

Metal – All of your paper clips, aluminum items, and small metal debris should go together. In addition, those filing cabinets and metal desks represent recyclables as well.

Glass – All glass should go together, including cups, jars, any spare windows you kept on the side, etc.

Plastic – Plastics are a little harder to separate. You can put all the plastic stuff together, but there are different categories of plastic and not all of them are recyclable.

These are the basic recyclables, and your office likely contains a lot of them. By separating it all, you actually give yourself more options. You can hire services that will pick these things up and send them to where they’re supposed to go. There are even services that will pay for the privilege of getting rid of specific categories of recyclables, especially metals.

What to Give to the Junk Removal Service

You can give anything else to the junk removal service. They can take your furniture, appliances, electronics, and other things that aren’t in an easy recycle category. If they provide a waste dumpster or container, then you can usually just dump everything else in there and they will sort it according to their own internal criteria.

Junk Removal Services that Do It All

If you simply don’t have the time to separate all the recyclables from the other junk, then you don’t necessarily have to. Some junk removal services will just take it all and sort it at their own facilities. Or they can take the junk to a third party facility that will do the sorting. Of course, you need to make sure the service you hire does intend to separate it all at some point or another.

If you do want to separate it all yourself, you can balance costs of junk removal. If you hire a service strictly for the one type of product, it can turn out cheaper for you in the end. This is more effective you have a larger office. However, those cost savings aren’t always a given. Your best bet is to hire the service, such as A. Viera Disposal & Sanitation, Inc., that will do it all, and do it all responsibly.

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