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Dumpster Rental Basics For DIY Homeowners

Dumpster rental is an essential tool for homeowners that like to take the DIY approach to renovations and maintenance on their home. For homeowners that live outside of major cities or towns in the USA, dumpster rental can also be an essential part of maintaining their property year round.

When to Use a Residential Dumpster Rental

Large dumpsters are most commonly used for rubbish removal. Rubbish is different from typical garbage because it does not contain any food waste. With this type of waste removal you may see large dumpsters being used on construction sites or for home renovation projects. Large dumpster rentals may also be necessary when completing extensive landscaping work and for cleaning up after moving houses. 

Size Matters​

Dumpster rental companies provide the large containers or “roll offs” for homeowners to fill. Customers can typically choose from 15, 20, 30 and 40 yard containers to fit their needs. Choosing the right container size can save homeowners lots of time and money in the long run. If a dumpster is too small homeowners can end up paying extra to haul away leftover rubbish. 

Choosing a container that is too large for a project can be a big mistake as well. If homeowners over-estimate on the container size, they can end up paying for space they won’t use. A 40 yard container is usually only necessary when a complete home renovation is underway. The majority of DIY jobs will be covered with a 30 cubic yard container. This size can easily fit in front of the average home and has plenty of room for carpets, wood and drywall.

Get the Proper Permits

If homeowners intend to park the dumpster on the street, they’ll need to contact their local building permit office before they can complete the rental process. Depending on the different laws in your area, there can be hefty fines for homeowners who park their dumpsters without obtaining the proper permits. Homeowners that are part of an homeowner’s association should also pay close attention to required permitting before beginning a renovation project.

Make Room for Your Rental

Clear out plenty of space in front of your container so that the rental company can remove the rental with ease. If the truck driver is unable to pick up the dumpster due to blockage you may have to pay for the attempted pickup and can be charged for additional rental time as well. 

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