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Two Propane Myths You May Have Heard

Posted by on Nov 26, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

There are many different options available for keeping your home warm during the coldest nights of the year. Propane is a common fuel source for heating systems in older homes, but if you have never owned a home with one of these systems there is a chance you may believe a couple of myths about this type of fuel.  Myth: Propane Tanks Are Difficult To Replenish Your home’s propane tank will regularly need to be refilled, but some individuals may be concerned that it will be difficult to refill the tank when it runs low. After all, some people may be concerned that about transporting large amounts of flammable gas with their car or truck. Luckily, there are services that can drastically reduce the difficulties of performing this type of maintenance.  When you retain the services of these professionals—like...

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Safety Measures For Dealing With Medical Waste In A Vet Clinic

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When most people think of medical waste, they think of hospitals and doctor clinics and the unmentionables disposed of there. Rarely do veterinarian hospitals come to mind, but the medical waste acquired in these facilities require the same care and consideration when it comes to safe disposal as any other medical establishment. Learn what medical waste in the veterinary clinic industry is, and the safety measures required to dispose of it properly. What medical waste is Medical waste is the by-product of any human or animal body part or fluid, due to surgery, medical assistance, and even death. In the veterinary industry, medical waste includes euthanized animals themselves (should the pet owner surrender the animal to the clinic) and any used bandages, gloves, paper towels and wipes, pads, hair and nails, culture supplies, teeth, syringes, and oral medications that...

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Dumpster Rental Basics For DIY Homeowners

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Dumpster rental is an essential tool for homeowners that like to take the DIY approach to renovations and maintenance on their home. For homeowners that live outside of major cities or towns in the USA, dumpster rental can also be an essential part of maintaining their property year round. When to Use a Residential Dumpster Rental Large dumpsters are most commonly used for rubbish removal. Rubbish is different from typical garbage because it does not contain any food waste. With this type of waste removal you may see large dumpsters being used on construction sites or for home renovation projects. Large dumpster rentals may also be necessary when completing extensive landscaping work and for cleaning up after moving houses.  Size Matters​ Dumpster rental companies provide the large containers or “roll offs” for homeowners to fill. Customers can typically choose from 15, 20, 30 and...

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Four Common Household Pests: How To Get Them Out And Keep Them Out

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Many household pests can invade your home, which can be anything from insects to rodents. You may want to know how to get them out of your home or call a pest control service, but it is also important to be able to keep them out of your home. With insects this can be something as simple as removing a food source, and with rodents or birds, you may want to install deterrents to keep them out. Here are four of the common household pests and what you can do to keep them out of your home: 1. Keeping The Fire Ants Away There are thousands of species of ants, which almost all of them love sweet things. They can also pack a powerful bite, which with species like fire ants can be very painful. You can get rid...

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